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Your assistant is starting and loading, please be patient! Sometimes it can take up to 1 minute for the first start.
Maybe it's because you have slow internet connection.
Because record goes to Google Speech Recognition Servers through internet, there it is converting to text and comes back to your PC, and if you have slow internet connection this may take more time.
It's because Elsi is searching your query in Wikipedia. It may take so long because you might have slow internet connection.
We made this intentionally, so you can't turn off Elsi accidentally. To turn Elsi off completely Read this
Elsi program consists of 2 elements, first one is loading interface (that's a black window) and the second one is backgrounded in which Elsi determines what you said and what to answer.
This is not a problem. It may be because your microphone generating a lot of sounds for processing or because your microphone changed.
You need to install these necessary files. You may have deleted them accidentally. To solve, download from here!

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