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Why my Elsi assistant says "You don't have all required files, download them from website"

Fastway - download now and continue reading!


 This is available for PC only

This could happen in two cases:

1. You haven't downloaded official version (from Elsi website)

2. You deleted required files (accidentally or intentionally)

So you might see something like this -

no required files in prog no required files in notification

Or you might hear - "You don't have all necessary files, download them from website"

To clear this error, download installer of this files below ↓

 This is available for PC only


To install Required files for Elsi:

1. Press "Download" button ↑

2. The download process will start and you will see this -

download files edge
In Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer
download files firefox
In Mozilla Firefox
download files chrome
In Google Chrome

3. Finish downloading

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome

Just press on the file name -

install files edge

First, you need to press "Save" button -

install files firefox

Then, download will start, press on the download icon in the top right corner -

install files firefox

You will see the file being downloaded, finally when it finishes downloading press on the name of this file - "Elsi_required_files.exe"

install files firefox

Press on the file name -

install files chrome

4. Start installing

After you pressed on the name of the file, you will see window. Press "Yes" there

Then, Choose your language, and finish setup -

setup files

setup files setup files setup files setup files

Finally, click "Finish" and start Elsi again!

setup files


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Last update on 03.11.2022