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How to exit Elsi? or How to completely disable Elsi?

Fastway - Choose how to close program now to save time!

With Elsi With Task Manager

Close program using Elsi

Firstly, You need to hide all opened windows

Press Win button and D button together
How to hide all windows

After these steps You should see your PC Desktop

Next, open hidden icons (or trayicons bar)

You should see something like this (in your case it may look different)

step 1

Then, right-click Elsi trayicon to open menu

step 2

Next, press "Quit"

step 3

You will see black dialog box, it should close automaticly, otherwise, just press on cross ('X') to close it manually


Close program using Task Manager

Firstly, press "ctrl" + "shift" + "esc"  (see more here)

step 6
You will see Task Manager with list of applications (in your case it may look different), choose Elsi there (mouse left-click)
step 7
And finally, press "End task" at the bottom right corner or "Delete" on your keyboard
step 8

That's it!)

Hooray! We finished!

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Last update on 17.04.2022