How to exit Elsi? or How to completely disable Elsi?

First of all, open hidden icons (or trayicons bar)

You should see something like this (but in your case it may look different)

step 1

Then, right-click Elsi trayicon to open menu

step 2

Next, press "Open Elsi"

step 3

You should see Elsi main screen

step 4


  • with Elsi
  • without Elsi

After that, say "Elsi open Task Manager"

step 5

After that, press "ctrl" + "shift" + "esc" (see more here)

step 6

You will see Task Manager with list of applications (in your case it may look different), choose Elsi there (left-click)

step 7

And finally, press "End task" in the bottom right corner or "Delete" on your keyboard

step 8

That's it!)